Fall season 
Is Finally Here!

My Florida friends,  I've got a secret...Yes you can see beautiful fall foliage and enjoy everything that Autumn brings, all within a days drive away!

I want to share my free detailed route to experience..
 an epic, fall GA roadtrip!

 Get my free guide below, and follow the detailed route to 
enjoy beautiful foliage, festivals, and more with loved ones.

Experience Apple picking, fall colors, 
cow milking (if you like),
and pumpkin spice everythaang!
Click below to get your free detailed route!
Jonathan W. Simos ( The Road Trip Expert )

My name is Jonathan William Simos, "the road trip expert" and author of: "How To Road Trip America, a modern guide for your epic American Adventures." 

As a Florida native, I grew up always having a deep desire to experience more seasonal changes and holiday experiences when it came to both Fall and winter. 

Throughout much exploration, and countless road trips I have discovered the most epic, road trip routes that I am passionate about sharing through my new blog HowToRoadTripAmerica.com 

 I want to share this route with you in time for the season, so you can enjoy these fall experiences on your own or with loved ones. Simply click the link above and receive my epic, GA fall road trip route!

Within this route are details on where to go and what to do, from apple picking, to festivals with cow milking and much more for the ultimate fall experience!

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